Equipment for Hide Processing & Tanning

Our premium line of equipment includes flesher machines, scudding machines, wood paddlewheels and drums. All Exeter’s machines for hide processing and tanning can be fully customized to fit your requirements!

3200 mm / Heavy Duty Flesher

  • Rigid cast-iron mainframes connected by cast-iron rails and steel cross members
  • Fleshing cylinder manufactured with high-quality heat-treated allow steel and balanced to exacting standards
  • Large rubber feed-out roller with a durometer to suit the application.
  • Two diamond-grooved, chrome-plated feed rollers
  • Anti-friction bearings on all rolls, cylinders and crankshaft
  • The hydraulic system controlling the following functions:
    • Open and closing with positive rack-and-pinion design
    • Automatic device to blend fleshing cylinder’s point of contact on the skin
    • Grinder carriage
  • Stainless steel safety barrier guards across front pinch point
  • Safety guarding with easy access for maintenance
  • Microprocessor-controlled electrical panel in a non-corrosive, waterproof, fiberglass enclosure
Fleshing Machine

1800 and 2200 mm Flesher

  • The model EF Flesher is available in working widths of 1800mm and 2200mm
  • The model EF was designed for simplicity and durability in its maintenance and use
  • Its heavy-duty construction ensures reliability in high-production facilities such as packing or processing plants and tanneries
  • The model EF Flesher will provide excellent high-yield fleshing of pig, calf, goat, sheep, deer, and bovine butts and side leather
  • The fleshing can be performed in the green, cured, or lime state
Fleshing Machine

Scudding Machines – 1800, 2200mm

  • Based on our proven EF flesher design this machine uses rounded stainless steel blades to remove scud from the hide
  • This machine provides a dramatic decrease of scud left in the hide
Fleshing Machine

Wood Paddlewheels and Drums

  • Typically made from sustainably sourced purpleheart but can be made from other materials based on customer specifications
  • Paddlewheel sizes ranging from 4’ x 4’ to 6’ x 10’
  • Drum sizes ranging from 5’x5’ to 12’ x 12’

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