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6000 Heavy Duty Flesher
| Reconditioned Stock

Factory reconditioned fleshers currently in stock at Lomira, Wisconsin

  1. One Heavy-duty Exeter Demanuring Flesher, 3.2 meter working width (120") completely re-manufactured at our plant. New machine warranty includes complete electrical system with water proof operator station and all motor starters and controls. Suitable for 460v, AC, 60 hertz or 380v, AC 50 hertz, 3 phase operation.

    This particular machine has been re-manufactured for green hide and brine cured fleshing. This machine can also be equipped for lime fleshing by installing different pullout rolls and fleshing cylinder.
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    Photos : | front view | end view | both sides | controls |

  2. Two 1800mm (70.2") Fleshers - Model EF1800, for side leather, pigskin, horsehide, and deer skin fleshing.These machines have been completely refurbished at our Lomira, Wisconsin plant. As with all of our reconditioned equipment, both EF1800's are complete with all electrical and hydraulic equipment required. Operating voltage is 460v, AC/380V, AC 3 phase 60/50 hertz. Barrier guards and machine covers are stainless steel. Painted surfaces are primed and double coated with epoxy resins for long life protections. Machine color is emerald green.

    Both machines have full hydraulic controls for simple adjustment of pull out roll pressure and fleshing hide pressure. Both machines are equipped with Exeter's hydraulic blender attachment to eliminate hide damage due to fleshing.

    One machine is currently equipped with operator controlled "auto grind" system that keeps the fleshing cylinder finely honed to make quality fleshing and everyday occurrences.

    The second machine has a conventional grinding system that could be converted if requested.
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